About Eden Creations Graphic Design
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About Eden Creations Graphic Design

Alex Gilman / Owner | Creative Director

Alex and Montgomery on Mailbox Peak via old trail

About Eden: Graphic Design

Founded in 2001 by a post Dot-Com bubble burst Graphic Designer; Alex Gilman. Eden Creations quickly gained notoriety for delivering high end graphic design to everyone,  not just fortune 500 companies. The company quickly grew from its roots of a college kid working out of his Mother’s apartment beginnings to a bi-coastal business with an office in Seattle WA and a new office on Madison Ave in New York. With this recent re-launch of the Web site in July 2016 I celebrate fifteen years in business and a return to Seattle and my roots.

Fashion over function may be a motto for models on the runway. However, I'm a firm believers in merging visual and functional communication for the sole purpose of achieving your marketing goals. Proficient with all current tools of the trade, I will communicate your marketing message effectively across any media.

With this recent re-launch of the Web site in June 2015 we celebrate fifteen years in business and a return to our roots. No not back to my Mom's house - It's all about quality graphics and personalized service. With the recent expansions I began to feel out of touch with the people that matter and really just became a business owner and genuinely missed the design work. So I'm proud to announce that the large offices are gone and I get to work from the comfort of my home office taking care of the clients and personally handling all of their design needs.

What I like to do

I love branding and specifically logo design. I've been doing it for years and love the challenge and the creativity it presents. While I can code and customize WordPress sites and often times do; I really love to draw. It's my competitive advantage.

While other kids were playing outside I was usually grounded for blowing things up with firecrackers that were easily accessible in old Issaquah. Being grounded what felt like most of my childhood obviously wasn't great. However, my parents allowed me to go to the library and check out books. Luckily the library also had a comic book section and the comics easily fit and hid inside the giant books I never read. This is when I learned to draw. Marvel, DC anything I loved it read them all and drew my favorite characters.

Logo Design
Business/Security Consulting

Eden Graphic Design - Made In The USA

I love my county. My family moved here when i was young and I feel like I need to give back to this amazing place. Therefore, I and my business supports the US Economy by keeping all of our design jobs in the USA. I'm constantly (like several times a day) spammed by emails and phone calls from companies in India, China and Russia in hopes that I outsource work. No thanks! There are many other ways to cut overhead and keep prices fair for the consumer. To me sending work out of the country is not an option. I'm a proud American that support our economy.

Eden Is Green Powered

As of January 2006 all the Eden Graphic Design Studios all went green! In association with Puget Sound Energy and now Seattle City Light Eden is proud to announce that we are currently purchasing more than two times our monthly energy consumption from renewable energy sources. This means that that we are supplying to the grid twice as much energy as we use; so maybe that computer over there in the corner of your home or office is powered by renewable energy courtesy of us. :)


Design Hours


Projects completed

This being the 20th anniversary of my business I looked back over my career and realized that I've really put in some time in this industry, the great thing is, I still love it.

"As business increases, it was time to brand my photography. I wasn't quite sure how to do that since I never expected it to go anywhere. I did plenty of research and due diligence before I chose Eden. I asked some friends about graphic designers and I only heard nightmare stories. I decided to look into Eden's past logo designs and was quite impressed. Chatting with Alex about what I wanted for a brand made it hard on him, I'm sure. I didn't know what I wanted, but I knew I needed it. I gave him a few key points and let him run with it. The wait was shorter than expected. The final product made me grin like child. He nailed it. Every detail in logo that I requested and more. The design flowed and wasn't intrusive as a watermark. He also does web design which I will be seeking out in the near future. I am definitely recommending him to a few friends that have a start-up biz. Paying for a second designer to clean up the first designer's mess is costly. Thanks to Eden, I did it right the first try."

Greg S., Greg Sheehan Photography - Yelp Review

"Alex at Eden Creations is a true professional who has a gift for making your imagination come to life. I employed Eden Creations recently to design a logo for my start-up business, and much to my surprise, the end result was nothing short of exactly what I had envisioned, but even better! I had shopped around with various logo and graphics designers in the Seattle area, but what really sold me on Eden Creations was Alex's attention to detail and creative genius. He showed me the utmost respect and really treated me like my time and opinions were paramount in producing a logo I could be proud of, web to print. As my business continues to grow, I plan to call on Eden Creations again very soon to have them overhaul my website. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to establish a modern brand that really sets you apart from the competition"

Yoni G., Element Locksmith - Yelp Review

"I am in the process of launching my own small business, and I needed help designing a logo. I found Alex through his fabulous Yelp reviews. From his impressive portfolio, I was initially scared he would be out of my price range, but fortunately I was wrong! Alex was incredibly kind and wonderful to work with, and he was very accommodating of my limited budget. He made me feel like I was his most important client and was extremely responsive, although I know he is quite busy. Most importantly, he took my very inarticulate vision of what I wanted and made it a beautiful reality that I am very proud to display. Thank you, Alex!"

SJ M., Sunny Joy - Yelp Review

"During my "window shopping" for a logo designer, I came across Eden Creations and was immediately drawn to the bright, fresh, and creative nature of Designer Alex's work. He portrayed the exact feel I was hoping to achieve in my logo. Working with Alex has been even better than expected. He really takes the time to get to knows his clients' needs and motivations in regards to what they want to portray and masterfully works that into an image that carries the message of the company. Alex is patient and responsive to feedback and gives a lot of attention to details until the exact product is achieved. I am so pleased to have discovered his work and to now have him on my business team!"

Kelsey A., Determinant Health - Yelp Review

"We hired Alex at Eden Creations when our company was first starting up and come back to him over and over again. Alex has been great to work with as he's always open to our input and ideas, then taking them to the next level. He's also not afraid to go back and forth with us until the design is just right! He's the one we turn to when we need website development, marketing designs, logos, you name it. His pricing is good, scheduling is flexible, and his final products are nothing short of remarkable! We will continue to recommend Alex to anyone looking for a graphic designer!"

Laura T., JS Coats Capital - Yelp Review